It's That Time of Year Again! Artists Sunday is Coming! November 28th is the Day to Buy Art!

It's that time of year again! Christmas is coming and that means that its time for shopping!  But as you may have heard supply lines and UPS are so messed up that you can't even count on things getting to you by Christmas.  So what is a person to do! Shop smart, shop small! Buy Art, all your kajillionaire friends are doing it!  You can't let Grime's ex-boyfriend have all the fun--after all!

This week I once again had the awesome opportunity to speak to Cynthia Freese, whose goal is to help every artist in the world to make a living off of their art--or, at least to have an excellent holiday season! And there ain't nothing wrong with that!  

Xavier: Can you tell us all about this amazing Sunday Service that is going into it’s second year?

That's a play on words, you see!

 Cynthia Freese: Lol!

Artist Sunday was started last year as a way to help Artists increase sales during the biggest shopping season of the year!  We provide a digital tool kit to all our partners and artists for free. Each partner and  Artist can choose  how much they do. Of course, the more closely the plan is followed the more success each artist and partner will have.

Our goal is to have partners and artists around the globe helping us educate consumers on all the ways they can shop art this holiday season.


Xavier: So what does that look like? The Digital Toolkit, that is?


Cynthia Freese:  The Artists Sunday Toolkit is the primary promotional component of the Artists Sunday program. As I mentioned it is issued to all Artists and Artists Sunday Partner members.

The toolkit is a digital packet that includes marketing copy, graphics, logos and more. It’s designed to augment each artists and partners  own marketing and messaging, not replace it. It allows for flexibility and creativity but it also provides a guiding hand so that all Artists Sunday alliance members share the same key, unified message across the country, making for a strong, loud, message that will resonate with consumers.

So what’s included in the Artists Sunday marketing toolkit? The toolkit includes:

* Marketing Strategy Playbook. The playbook for maintaining the integrity of Artists Sunday.

* Spread the Word Checklist. Raise awareness and engagement for the movement.

* Engagement Timeline. Your road map to a successful Artists Sunday.

* Press Release Template. Everything you need to announce your plans to media outlets.

* Email Templates. Templates to fill your audience in on how to support you this Artists Sunday.

* Social Media Templates. Take full advantage of social media to engage with your community.

* Blog Post Template. Highlight your efforts and give details about Artists Sunday and your holiday promotions

* E-Commerce Holiday Best Practices Checklist. Learn how to make more sales online.

* Web Banners and Badges. Let everyone know you are participating in Artists Sunday.

* Event Production Checklist. Put on an event like a pro by checking off everything a good event needs.

* Artist Best Practice Tips:

   • Accepting Commission Work: Things to Consider Before Saying Yes

   • Tips for Hosting a Booth at an Event

   • Tips for Engaging with Rude Customers

   • Tips for Creating an Excellent Artist Introductory Video

   • and more.

 Cynthia Freese:  I know that is a lot of information. This is why we tell our members to use what makes sense for them.

Xavier:  Wow that is pretty extensive! So, what new plans do you have for this year and how did last Year's Sunday go?

Cynthia Freese:  Over, all last year went much better than expected for a year one, especially during a global pandemic!  Of course there were those  artists that did not see a boost in sales and I have been working  with  some of them to help them improve  their messaging for this year.  This year we have simplified our tool kit, hopefully making it easier for non techie artists to use.  We are adding more artists and partners daily to help amplify our #shopart message.

Xavier:  Where can artists go to find out more about Artists Sunday?

Cynthia Freese: Artists can find out more about the movement  at

Xavier ,  I heard you have a new book out?  We would love to include a post about it on our art gifts  posts this year!  So far I think we have more artists and partners signed up in Washington than in any other area which makes me super proud!

Ideally our goal is not to have people visit our site. We want to be able to direct consumers directly to the artists. Once artists register they are put in a searchable directory which can be searched by name, location, or type of art.

Xavier: Oh, actually, we're still working on editing the text and looking for a local publisher, but I have a few slightly older books that are available on Amazon. I didn't know that I could promote them through you. How does that work?  You have definitely piqued my interest!

 Cynthia Freese: It’s so easy and as a matter a fact, I just sent out an email to all our artists this morning letting them know that I just need three things:

1. A working  link to your page  for people to order.   

2. The name of the artist or business

3. The city and state of the artist.

Once I have that information we can create a post to include on our social media outlets.

Xavier: Nice! I'll do that today!

Is there anything that you want everyone to know and is there a way for non-artistic types to get involved?

Cynthia Freese: I have been encouraging artists to try using companies like Artscow to have their work put on merchandise.

Sometimes people see a work they love but might not have the wall space. So, using a place that puts art on merchandise can be a great way to get extra income.  We are happy to have everyone share the Artists Sunday message. We have digital stickers and posters that people can share. We also have over 500 partners across the country that are planning virtual events and live events in support of the #ArtistsSunday Movement. Save the date November 28, 2021 to shop art!  This can be gift cards from artists, art classes, theaters... the list is endless on ways to shop for art.

Cynthia Freese: With over 4000 artists around the globe, we consider this year’s event to be the World’s Largest  Art Event... Watch out Black Friday!

 Xavier: That is awesome! Are there any of these events that you can spotlight for us?

 Cynthia Freese:  A partner in North Bend sent this out today:

 Are you ready for Artists Sunday???   This year it falls on November 28th. 


Artists Sunday is a day to support local artists in your community.


Artists Sunday was created in 2020 to encourage people to shop with artists and buy art as gifts during the holidays.


There’s perhaps nothing more personal than a gift of the arts.


Give something special, unique, and handcrafted this holiday season and support local artists and the local economy.


More than 500 communities across the United States have come together for the second year to champion local artists and promote the giving of the arts this holiday season.


Communities from coast-to-coast, large and small, are celebrating Artists Sunday on Nov 28, 2021 by highlighting local artists, creators and makers and promoting the giving of artistic items and experiences for the holidays.


Positioned during the year’s busiest holiday shopping weekend, Artist Sunday, falls between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.


Artists Sunday unites artists and communities across the country, all promoting purchases from local artists.


Artists Sunday, the Sunday after Thanksgiving (Nov 28 this year), is the world’s largest art event, dedicated to supporting artists and recognizing the impact they have in enriching our lives, communities, and the economy.


Becoming a member of Artists Sunday is free.  Sign up here:

North Bend Art and Industry


Xavier: Nice!

 Cynthia Freese:  Oh i was sharing that with you before i saw your question.  I am just starting to  get the events  from artists and  partners and I am  posting them on our facebook page as they are  approved.

Xavier: Nice! Sounds amazing! Any artists you would like to point out from the 4000 in your registry?

Cynthia Freese: I am going to randomly pick an artist that just signed up today as a way of not playing  favorites.  Stefanie Allison , of North Bend,  Washington is one of today' s  recruits. She can be followed on Instagram,                                

Many of our artists are providing us with Artists Sunday discount codes and special offers to share.

Xavier: That is awesome!  Are there any other things that you would like to share?

Cynthia Freese: ShopArt!

Thank you so much for taking time to check in with us this year to discuss what we are doing.

Xavier: It is my extreme pleasure!  I really believe in what you are creating!


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